Vinmart Foundation

Like in Manono, the Foundation has constructed a Market place in Mitwaba as well. Before Vinmart’s efforts in Mitwaba, vendors had to display their goods on the ground in the local market place. This constituted a high health risk as such a setting exposed consumers and sellers to health hazards such as diarrhoea, typhoid etc. Bad weather was also a huge risk to the goods. Mitwaba now benefits from this new infrastructural addition. InfrastructureIt used to take travellers 3 days to reach Mitwaba given the rundown state of the Lwambo – Mitwaba route. Vinmart Foundation put in a lot of efforts and restored the 150 km long route which now allows the same journey in about 8 hours, thus saving 64 precious hours of travel.HealthMitwaba suffers from armed aggressions. Violent attacks always lead to destruction of property and facilities. Poverty coupled with violence leads to lack of all basic amenities necessary to the daily functioning of a population.In the year 2012 Vinmart Foundation, in its drive to contribute to its social environment, took the initiative to construct a hospital that can cater to the needs of the local community in and around Mitwaba. This hospital has a capacity of 24 beds. It offers emergency services, routine tests, scans and a large number of other primary and preventive healthcare facilities.EducationSchool, an institution that forges the personality of future generations, thus the future of a community and consequently the future of a whole country! In many countries, it is automatic; all children have access to good education. But in DR Congo for example, good and affordable education is still a privilege reserved to a select few due to lack of personal means and/or lack of Public facilities.Vinmart activities are designed towards the promotion and provision of primary education. By providing infrastructure, learning material, qualified teachers and reduced school fees, Vinmart ensures education for local communities.In 2012 Vinmart Foundation built a school in Mitwaba which can cater to the educational needs of 240 students. The school has 6 classrooms.Water and SanitationMitwaba now has bore wells that can provide safe drinking water directly resulting in reduced water-borne diseases.Street lightingOff-grid Public solar streetlights have been installed along the main avenue of Mitwaba by Vinmart Foundation’s initiative.



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