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Manono, is a town and territory situated on the western bank of Lukushi, a tributary of the Luvua River, in the Province of Katanga.Vinmart Foundation has led many projects in Manono, like in other towns, to address issues that are most crucial for the local community.
Construction of the Central Market of Manono

Vendors had to display their goods on the ground in the market place that existed in Manono. This constituted a high health risk as such a setting exposed consumers and sellers to health hazards such as diarrhoea, typhoid etc. Bad weather was also a huge risk to the goods. Manono now benefits from this new infrastructural addition.The new reformed Market has:134 Display Counters126 Places8 Shops7 Depots/Warehouses

Installation of a Generator

So many places in Katanga, DRC, are in the dark for a large number of hours per day. This largely inconveniences basic daily activities such as access to water, electric cooking, and access to studies and poses a menace to the security of inhabitants after sundown. MMR installed this generator that can produce electricity to illuminate about 600 houses. Vinmart Foundation donated 4km of electric cable for the same.

Pianna Mwanga Dam

Vinmart Foundation dealt with the cleaning, dredging and routine maintenance of the Pianna Mwanga Dam to assist the SNEL (Societé Nationale d’électricité) in the hope to facilitate access to electricity to the surrounding population.

Installation of Solar Streetlights in Manono

In the continuing hope to improve security and encourage infrastructural development of Katanga, 60 streetlights have been installed in Manono by the Vinmart Foundation.

Water and Sanitation

7 wells have been positioned in Manono to provide clean drinking water. Having wells in the vicinity reduces the time spent in reaching a water point, reduces the trouble of carrying litres of water for long distances and certainly gives more time to the women and children of the house who are usually the ones responsible for water collection. Most importantly, provision of clean drinking water reduces health risks of diarrhoea, typhoid and many such water-borne chronic diseases.


Vinmart Foundation has done some exemplary work in Manono by restoring 6 educational establishments and thus positively impacting the lives of 3145 students in all. The following educational establishments have received support from Vinmart Foundation at varying levels:
EP Mukushi – Received benches
Institut Tunkakamanei – Received School Equipment, roo fing, doors, windows and benches
EP Tunkakamanei - Received benches
EP Tunangu - Received benches
EP Nsilwilo - Received benches
Ecole Technique – Rehabilitation of the establishment


The Manono stadium was not functional due to its dilapidated state and its neglect post-war. After Vinmart Foundation’s intervention, the stadium now serves as a recreational centre that can hold football matches and thus encourages sport.On similar lines, the Lukushi Social centre (foyer) has been redone and can now be used for community meetings, reunions, conferences, workshops, trainings, projection of films, festivities and any other social meets.


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