About Us

Vinmart Foundation

Founded in January 2012, Vinmart Foundation works to promote the well-being of the local communities in the Province of Katanga. We recognise the great Social responsibility that we have toward the milieu in which we work. We strive to better the lives of those around us and take them towards progress. It is true that great dreams cannot be realised unless the daily struggle ends. The people of DR Congo face many challenges today. There is the daily struggle for safe drinking water, good sanitation, a chance for better education, adequate infrastructure and a clean and protected environment amidst the growing industrial development. We thus started with small measures and aim for greater achievements in the years to come. We have been able to do some good work in places like Kalemie, Nyunzu, Mitwaba and Manono amongst others and are proud to say that we have positively impacted the lives of so many people and continue to give hope to a lot more, every single day. We currently focus on domains such as education, health, water and sanitation, infrastructure and women’s emancipation. Our approach is grounded in principles of environmental sustainability and we adopt a holistic approach toward the betterment of the communal life of those around us. The vision of Vinmart foundation is to effectively and sustainably improve the lives of the people of Katanga province in the DRC.


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